The name of the MCBS theologate is Sanathana, which means eternal embodiment of the divine sacrament and sacrifice that takes one to the summit of an authentic religious/priestly life consisting in self- immolation as expressed in the Eucharistic sacrifice of Jesus. The Word became flesh as primordial sacrifice and sacrament. “I have to undergo a baptism” (Lk 12,50) which means His death on the cross for human salvation. “The blood of bulls you did not want… but you have given me a body…hence I come to perform sacrifice,” (Ps 40,7-9; Heb 10,05-9).
Seen from this perspective, the Eucharist is the eternal embodiment (Sanathana) of the communion and compassion of Jesus where sacrifice and sacrament blend in a very special way. Authentic priestly and religious life is a sacrificial offering of one’s self that demands constant self transformation, self- transcendence and the concomitant socio-political consciousness.


Anchoring on the most holy Eucharist, the source of eternal life and wisdom, DKV imparts a system of theological formation suited to the twenty first century and aims at enlightening the candidates to form the people of the Eucharistic didactics together with an organic interface among various courses and exposures will naturally lead the candidates to the concurrent pastoral, social and missiological realities, and challenges. To bring such an organic interrelatedness, theological subjects deliberated under various titles have been configured in overarching themes such as:

 1 st Year: The theological contextualization
 Introducing major theological themes in the Asian context and culture

2nd Year:  Theological concentration Focusing on Jesus Christ and his church

3rd Year:  Theological concretization Mission, ministry and meetings with cultures, religious and the poor

4th Year:  Theological consecration Becoming a true disciple of Christ and dedicating oneself to God and his kingdom



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